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A leading Saudi company specializing in providing innovative marketing solutions and building sustainable brands with a strong digital presence. We leverage our deep expertise, creative talents, and partnership with The Blake Project, a leading American firm in the field.

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Understanding, defining and launching, as we understand reality and the future, identify the appropriate placement for your brand and products, and then we launch campaigns that achieve successes.

Strategic Solutions

No step is made without a reason, and no great success is achieved by chance; with you we build the foundation of your brand to witness a dazzling success story that lasts for generations.

Creative Solutions

Deviating from the ordinary is not enough for creativity.. Because creativity in our dictionary means reaching the deepest meaning in every story until we reach the deepest bottom in the mind and heart of the recipient.

Digital Marketing

With you, we communicate with the target audience to get the message across and make a difference in their lives and in your career in order to be able to achieve greater success for you and them.

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We venture into challenges to search,We venture into challenges to search, innovate, capture, edit and produce with the best artistic production techniques in order to stay with you on the track of uniqueness and transition you into Masheed’s world, where courage, change and creativity can be found.


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Saudi projects

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Followers of projects, development, and developments in the Saudi economy since 2011. Our journey began as a volunteer team that is passionate about what the future holds, and our business has evolved and we have increased professionalism, until today Saudi Projects has become a huge digital media platform, with an empowered work team with diverse backgrounds and experiences.
Success Partners

Together, we have gone through a long journey and made the impact. Masheed is growing and flourishing with its partners from government and private agencies in various fields.