About SAMI:

It was established in 2017 to develop and support the defense industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and enhance its self-sufficiency, and it plays a major role in localizing 50% of its defense spending within the most prominent goals of Vision 2030.


Humanization of the tag:

We created a set of humanitarian concepts and topics that would enhance the human and human presence of the brand. One of the projects that we implemented was the Industry Leaders campaign, in which we aimed to bring the Saudi engineering team closer to the public, highlight young leaders for inspiration, and showcase the opportunities and empowerment that the company is doing for its team. The campaign included a group of short videos containing various posts by Saudi engineers, and the campaign concluded with a video in which the CEO of the company participated.


Content and account management:

Sustainable contents are built that reflect the rapid achievements of SAMI, including the introduction of products and programs and its expertise and distinguished competencies through creative and traditional contents, in addition to managing accounts and direct coverage of all developments.



SAMI's participation in the Global Defense Exhibition was covered as a strategic partner for the exhibition, so the scope of work included live coverage of photographs and videos for guests and visitors in addition to interviews, and we also produced more than 20 videos from the field to be published on social media platforms, and these videos included interviews Particularly for the exhibitors to display the various military products in the company’s pavilion, and for the beneficiaries of the competency development programs announced at the exhibition, with summaries of visits for all days of the exhibition. The team included 20 staff members that varied between photographers, designers, writers, producers, and the technical and administrative team.